A message in a bottle


 ZAO is just not a wine bottle, it's  a unique story, of authentic and positive values and it is therefore a message of hope.

It was February 1998: my father gave me a special drawing, he just completed, carry this sentence:

 "Joy of life, Alberto I made it"


That little piece of paper is one of the best memories I keep of my dad, and one of the greatest teaching he left me.

Zeno , so he was called, was a very good designer, he loved to stop on paper with a black stroke, images, memories, people, experiences.

After a heart attack, he decided to review the arteriography of his heart from another point of view: so he drew the arteries to become roots, toots that give life to new flowers that open and smile to life.

As if to say: be strenght, always look forward with positivity, live your life and remember to be happy everyday, because with this attitude, you will always succeed.

I decided to deliver his message of hope, strenght and ottimism to some bottles of wine.

This is how the ZAO project started. 

Zao is a tribute to two wonderful people who made an unforgettable mark on my life: Onesta and Zeno, my parents.

It’s an praise to their life: full of love, dedication, effort but mostly joy of living every single moment together, as antidote to disappointment and suffering.

Zao is indeed the acronym of Zeno, Alberto and Onesta, the suffix "23" on the label, recalls the year when their born: 1923.